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A Spring of Water Welling Up • MISSION:CHRISTIAN Parents
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March 19-25: Third Week of Lent St. Joseph + Feast of the Annunciation of the Lord + Blessed Clement August van Galen + Blessed Oscar Romero   BOOKS FOR SPRING Spring “officially” arrives on Monday, March 20, and we’re celebrating with spring books, … Read More

The Stations of the Cross for Families
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  Immerse your kids in Christ’s Passion by praying the Stations of the Cross with them. Here’s how . . . plus a Stations of the Cross for Children printable PDF and PowerPoint file.   Get The Stations of the … Read More

St. Joseph • Saints for Kids
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  Meet St. Joseph! Here’s an introduction to his life, a short story for children, a coloring page, a Child’s Prayer to St. Joseph, some St. Joseph’s Day traditions, and a short video about the saint.   St. Joseph was … Read More

Saint Wulfran • Playing with the SAINTS!
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  The altar server is holding the paten and it drops! What will the priest do? Can Mass continue? What does Saint Wulfran do to show how God can overcome all problems?   by Christine Henderson   Imagine you are … Read More

Thirsting for God | Breaking Open the Word at Home
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  Today’s readings are full of thirsty people. God quenches their thirst in unexpected ways. Sometimes, we distract ourselves from what we’re really thirsty for by focusing on things we want that will never satisfy us. God always gives us what … Read More

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4 basics

4 basic practices for raising kids with faith

» Pray with your kids «

» Talk with your kids «

» Serve with your kids «

» Celebrate grace with your kids «