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8 Practical Ways to Get Ready for Advent
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Are you ready for Advent? Here’s a checklist of eight Advent practices you can do with your family, plus a list of important feasts and holidays during Advent.   The word Advent comes from the Latin adventus, which means a … Read More

Saint Cecilia • Playing with the SAINTS!
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  “You’ll see my guardian angel if you convert to Christianity.”   by Christine Henderson   St. Cecilia was born during the second century to a very rich family. When she was young, she married a man named Valerian. Husbands … Read More

A Good Wife | Breaking Open the Word at Home
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  In the readings for this Sunday, Nov. 19, God offers us the beautiful image of his Church as a loving bride. We’re reminded that, in our deep and loving relationship with God, we are invited to be our most … Read More

Turn Black Friday Upside Down and Inside Out
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  More and more people are turning their backs on Black Thursday and Black Friday. If your family is one of them, here are some other ways to spend your Thanksgiving weekend.   More and more people are eschewing the Black … Read More

12 Thanksgiving Prayer Ideas
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Make gratitude the main dish at your table this Thanksgiving. Here are a dozen ways to thank God before the big meal. Photo: The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth, oil on canvas by Jennie Augusta Brownscombe (1914). Image via Wikipedia.   1. … Read More

Give Her a Reward • Family Time
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November 19-25: 33rd Week of Ordinary Time  World Day of the Poor + St. Rose Philippine Duchesne + Presentation of Mary + Thanksgiving + Blessed Miguel Pro + St. Cecilia   Get Family Time! by e-mail every week   . Advent … Read More

58 Ways to Honor Veterans
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What’s the best way to honor the sacrifice our veterans have made for our country? Huge sales on appliances? No! Here are some practical ways you and your parish might honor veterans this Veteran’s Day.   by Jen Schlameuss-Perry   … Read More

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4 basic practices for raising kids with faith

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