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4 Catholic Apps We Love



So many apps, so little time! With Lent coming up, it’s time to gear up and get a little God in your phone. Here are four Catholic apps we think you’ll love (and actually use).


by Ryan Langr


So Many Apps, So Little Time!

Smart phones are here to stay, so we may as well use their power for good, right? If you’ve poked around your favorite app store, you know there’s a wealth to choose from. Some are great (like the most popular one, Laudate), but many are horrible.

Here, then, are four Catholic apps you should try out (especially with Lent coming up!). I have personally tried all of these apps, they all have ratings above 4.5, and they’re all free! N.B.: I have an Android phone, but they should all be available for iPhone as well.


Check These Out!


Produced by FOCUS, this Lenten companion gets better every year. Since it’s not active except during Lent, it’s not possible to know the full range of services this free app will offer this year, but its oldest feature is still worth it by itself—the “meat police.” This app will remind you every Friday to abstain from meat (because, if we’re being honest, most of us forget occasionally)! Other features that may be included this year are illustrated guides, daily Mass readings, and something called “Meat Memes.” You might have to wait until Lent, but this app is sure to enrich the most penitential season.


Confession App

This app by Norvera Solutions is relatively new, but already getting great reviews. It starts off asking about your age, sex, and vocation, and then asks you to create a custom pin security code to keep all your records safe. Inside, it has an examination of conscience based on the Ten Commandments, a “Confession” section,” a Prayer section, and a Guide.

In the Examination section, you can go through each commandment and sin and tap how many times you’ve committed it; this helps you to remember what to confess while in the confessional. Then, right before going to confession, whip out the app for a quick reminder.

The Prayer section has several different versions of the Act of Contrition as well as many traditional prayers (Glory Be, Hail Mary, Memorare).

Finally, the “Guide” section includes the Catechism, a FAQ, “How to Make a Good Confession,” excerpts from Fulton Sheen’s “Frequent Confession,” and quotes from past popes. It’s amazing everything you get in this free App!


Catholic Trivia

This fun trivia game is produced by the Dominican Student Friars and is an awesome way to test your knowledge not only about the doctrines of the faith, but Catholic movies and cultures as well! You start out as a novice and get three strikes before you are demoted back to the beginning. After one run through, my high score was 420, so some of the questions were hard enough to stump even me.

I think this is a great way to pass some time playing a Catholic-focused game, and you can even have some family time by voting on the answers and seeing who is correct! Note: This game has “in-game purchases.”


Catechism—Catholic Church

This mobile-friendly version of the Catechism works great as an on-the-go pocket version of this important book. Complete with an index and cross-references, this app is perfect for anyone who wants access to the Catechism at any time without lugging around a heavy book or having to use a mobile website version. It’s not perfect, and hopefully they will incorporate a search function, but this is definitely a must-have for anyone intent on studying the faith more conveniently.

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