7 Ideas for the Best All Saints’ Day Party Ever

  Halloween is only a warm-up for the real celebration, All Saints Day. Here are seven ways (and lots of little ideas) to celebrate the triumph of Christ in the saints!   It’s no wonder kids love Halloween: they get permission … Read More

Celebrate the Solemnity of the Assumption with Kids

    On the Feast of the Assumption, we celebrate not only the special dignity of the Blessed Mother, but also the dignity of our own bodies. Here’s a kid-friendly explanation, and some activity ideas.   What Is the Feast of … Read More

Eat Family Meals Together (the Fun Way)

  We all know that eating family meals together is important for strong kids and families. But between busy schedules and crazy kids, how do you make shared meals happen? Here are a few strategies for putting a lid on … Read More

Our Little Oratory: Creating a Family Prayer Space

  I’d been dreaming of creating this little oratory for family prayer since before I got married. Now, it helps us to pray together as a family every day. Here’s what I did to put it together.   by Stephanie … Read More

How to Preview the Sunday Scriptures with Your Kids

  Preview the Sunday Scriptures with your kids so they can better hear the Word of God during Mass—and yes, even younger children can benefit from the practice. Here’s what to do.   by Jerry Windley-Daoust   For many years now, … Read More

Kids and Catholic Funerals: Why They Should Go, and How to Prepare

  Many parents are afraid to take younger kids to funerals but, with some exceptions, they shouldn’t be. Here’s why, and some tips for preparing your kids.   by Jerry Windley-Daoust   The nice neighbor across the street—the one who … Read More

30+ Ideas for Celebrating the Feasts of All Saints and All Souls

  Halloween has nothing on All Saints’ Day for fun and interesting ways to celebrate. Here are thirty (more or less) ideas that I’ll be trying this year, including a few for All Souls’ Day.   by Meagan Daoust On Halloween … Read More

Why Home-Based Family Faith Formation Matters

  The Church has been saying it for years: Parents are the primary and principal educators of their children in the faith. And in the last thirty years or so, researchers have been discovering just how true that is. Here’s … Read More

Fasting for Lent: 11 Ideas for What Kids & Teens Can Give Up

  This article is adapted from the book 77 Ways to Pray with Your Kids.   Fasting and abstinence are the practice of giving up something good (for example, food or meat) in order to turn away from sin and … Read More

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