Eat Family Meals Together (the Fun Way)

  We all know that eating family meals together is important for strong kids and families. But between busy schedules and crazy kids, how do you make shared meals happen? Here are a few strategies for putting a lid on … Read More

How to Have a “Couch Catechism” Family Devotion Time

  Every morning after breakfast, all the kids gather on the couch to pray and learn about our faith. We call it “Couch Catechism.” Here’s how we do it.   by Tracy Bua Smith   (This post originally appeared in … Read More

Evangelize Your Kids in the Car

  Use your vehicle as a vehicle to bring your kids closer to the Lord . . . and closer to heaven.   by Michelle Gelineau   I want to share with you a secret weapon that I learned about years … Read More

The Best Practices for Raising Faith-Filled Kids

How do you raise faith-filled kids? By integrating the practice of the faith into the everyday life of your family, Here’s a roundup of the research from Catholic family faith formation expert John Roberto—including a list of the best practices … Read More

Why We Teach Our Kids to Pray for Lost Coins (and iPods)

  I don’t always like praying for lost things—why bother God with such trivial matters? But my kids keep losing things, so we keep praying to find them. And slowly, over time, God has taught me why it’s worth teaching our kids to … Read More

What’s Your Family’s “Spiritual Style”? 80+ Charisms to Consider

  What’s your family’s spirituality? Here are some questions to reflect on with your kids, and more than 80 charisms to consider so you can pursue your “spiritual style” more intentionally.   by Jerry Windley-Daoust   In the communion of saints, … Read More

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