Teach your kids spiritual discernment

As teens grow older, they begin to make important life choices for themselves: vocation, career, post-secondary schooling, volunteer opportunities, and relationships, to name a few. You can help them face these decisions by introducing them to the spiritual practice of … Read More

Memorize the Creed—and name what you believe

You know the Nicene Creed, right? That’s the prayer that Catholics recite at Mass every Sunday. Its official name is the Nicene-Constantinople Creed, for the two major church councils that put it together. You know: “I believe in one God, … Read More

"Why Do We Eat God?" (Questions Kids Ask #1)

“Why do we want to eat God?” Five-year-old Maggie dropped this question on me after we finished our meal prayer tonight. My first reaction: What a wonderful expression for the Eucharist, “eating God.” It sounds scandalous–a slap across the face … Read More

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