Keeping Kids Connected to the Church: A Few Proposals

  We have a good idea of what factors cause young people to leave the Catholic Church, but what factors contribute to them staying? Here are seven suggestions parents and Church youth workers might consider.   by Jerry Windley-Daoust   … Read More

Triage for the Bullied Child: Awareness and Identification

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  As a child, Jodee Blanco was a victim of bullying. As a best-selling author, author of the National Catholic Educational Association’s Anti-Bullying Survivor Series and expert on bullying, Blanco empowers families to identify, cope with and prevent bullying. Editor’s … Read More

3 Ways to Explain the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter to Your Kids

What exactly is the feast of the Chair of St. Peter, and how exactly is a parent to explain apostolic succession and the universality of the Church to young kids? Try this explainer and a simple game of Whisper Down … Read More

Why Young People Leave the Church

Young people are “losing their religion” in record numbers, particularly within the Catholic church. A new study turned to some of these young former Catholics to ask why they left. Here’s what they found.   The first of two articles. … Read More

Connect with Families Halfway around the World…and Bring Them New Hope

  These Ethiopian families used to spend up to six hours a day to fetch dirty water that made their kids sick. But thanks to the help of U.S. Catholics, easier access to clean water has changed their lives in … Read More

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