9 Ways to Say Morning Prayers with Your Kids

    When you wake up, offer your day to God—and encourage your kids to do the same with morning prayer. Here are nine ways to do it, plus the text of nine prayers typically said for morning prayer.   … Read More

Fire Up Your Kids’ Prayer by Letting Them Lead

  Giving kids leadership responsibility appropriate to their development can boost their interest and investment in your family’s prayer life—and research shows that kids who have leadership responsibility for faith practices are more likely to continue them as adults. Younger … Read More

Why Home-Based Family Faith Formation Matters

  The Church has been saying it for years: Parents are the primary and principal educators of their children in the faith. And in the last thirty years or so, researchers have been discovering just how true that is. Here’s … Read More

Celebrating Reconciliation with Kids: 9 Ways to Get Into the Habit

  The sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation gets a bad rap, with many people steering clear because they think it’s all about guilt and punishment, when actually the emphasis is on mercy, forgiveness, and healing. Here’s how to help your family … Read More

Seven ways to do morning prayer

When you wake up, offer your day to God in one of the following ways: ► Morning Offering. Say the traditional Morning Offering prayer (see A Handful of Catholic Prayers). ► Invocations. Not a morning person? Keep it short by … Read More

How to Say the Rosary

You don’t need an actual string of rosary beads to pray the rosary, but it is traditional; the beads add a tactile dimension to the prayer that reflects the sacramental, incarnational sensibility of Catholic faith. The prayers listed in bold … Read More

Prayer Journals: A Space for Teens to Reflect on Their Spiritual Health

Encourage your teen to keep a prayer journal as a way to develop and enrich her prayer life. Sometimes, the process of writing thoughts down leads to new insights and clarity (see Write Your Prayer). Teens can use their prayer … Read More

Teaching Children to Pray: Three Reasons To Be Not Afraid

  Prayer is essential to the Christian life, and parents are the primary people responsible for teaching their children to pray. Here are three bits of encouragement from the Church that might make the responsibility of educating your children in … Read More

How to Make Your Own Prayer Pillowcases

You can help kids learn simple morning or evening prayers by writing the prayers on their pillowcases using permanent marker or fabric marker. Put a morning prayer on one side and an evening prayer on the other; let the kids … Read More

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