Meet the Archangels! • Saints for Kids

“I am Raphael, one of the seven angels who stand and serve before the Glory of the Lord!” Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel are three of the archangels honored by the Church on September 29. Here’s a little bit about them, … Read More

Meet St. Kateri Tekakwitha! • Saints for Kids

    Growing up, Tekakwitha was the girl who didn’t quite fit in. Even her name, which means “she who bumps into things,” mocked her. Becoming Christian only made her more of an outcast among her people. Could she ever find … Read More

Meet St. Joseph • Saints for Kids

  Meet St. Joseph! Here’s an introduction to his life, a short story for children, a coloring page, a Child’s Prayer to St. Joseph, some St. Joseph’s Day traditions, and a short video about the saint.   St. Joseph was … Read More

Sts. Perpetua and Felicity • Saints for Kids

  Perpetua and Felicity trusted God—even in the face of death.   by Maria LaVoy From Living Sparks of God: Stories of Saints for Kids to Color The guard roughly shoved the young women into the prison. Perpetua helped Felicity … Read More

Meet St. Josephine Bakhita! • Saints for Kids

  Not long after being kidnapped and sold into slavery, Bakhita and a friend made a daring escape that led them deep into the Sudanese wilderness, where they quickly found themselves lost and hunted by wild animals . . . until … Read More

Meet Juan Diego! • Saints for Kids

    Who would listen to a simple Indian’s fantastic story? Certainly not the bishop! But the mysterious lady who had appeared to Juan Diego on Tepeyac Hill gave him exactly what he needed to succeed in his mission.   by Becky … Read More

Meet St. Teresa of Calcutta! • Saints for Kids

  Meet Saint Teresa! Her way of peace is not complicated: It starts with prayer, and a smile, and seeing Jesus in each and every person.   This article is taken from the September 2016 MISSION:CHRISTIAN journal.   LIVED: Anjezë (Agnes) Gonxhe Bojaxhiu was born … Read More

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