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May 5-11: Third Week of Easter

St. Dominic Savio + St. Rose Venerini + Blessed Miriam Teresa Demjanovich + Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger + St. Damien of Molokai + St. Ignatius of Laconi


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1. Update your Catholic bookshelf. What five books should every Catholic family have? “Narrowing the books I love and the books I recommend for every Catholic home to five — and not just five categories, but five actual books! — was nearly impossible. I crowdsourced with colleagues, Googled ten tabs’ worth of findings, and lost a clump of hair trying to decide.” Get the list from Sarah Reinhard (#4 will surprise you!).

2. Make room for faith in your kids’ busy lives. As we enter the throws of the spring season of school plays, concerts, baseball, lacrosse, soccer and track, it might be hard to focus on our faith while rushing from here to there. Dad and youth minister Ryan Langr offers four ways to make room for faith in your kids’ lives in this edition of Caffeine and Grace.

3. Go fishing. That’s what Peter and his friends did one night after Jesus’ Resurrection, and while they didn’t catch anything at first, all of that changed when Jesus showed up. Preview the Sunday Scriptures with your kids in this week’s Breaking Open the Word at Home.

4. Find Jesus with your family. Has your family been transformed by an encounter with the risen Christ, or is it just vaguely haunted by the ghost of Jesus? Dr. Gregory Popcak shares three ways your family can experience the risen Christ on the road back home.

5. Get ready for Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is right around the corner; below are some ideas to help get you started to honor the moms in your lives:

6. Teach your kids about the Shroud of Turin. FORMED is currently offering free access to the movie Shroud, the official film for the 2010 Exposition of the Shroud. “Written by Ian Wilson, it tells the story of the Shroud for our modern age of high technology to show the image of the Man on the Shroud as never before seen. This film does not shrink from examining the religious significance of what has become the single most studied article in history.” The movie runs about 29 minutes, and is appropriate for older kids and teens.

7. Make it a Catholic summer. Are you planning summer vacations, camps, and activities for your kids? Be sure to check out our 101 Catholic Things to Do with Your Kids This Summer, plus all of our summer activity ideas.

8. Meet St. Dominic Savio! He’s the youngest saint ever to be canonized on the basis of his heroic virtue alone. Read about his life and a story in this Saints for Kids in honor of St. Dominic’s feast day May 6. And here is a story by Becky Arganbright about how St. Dominic’s example settled down her clan of “OMG police” with his simple reminder, “Blessed be the name of Jesus.”

9. It’s still Easter! How are you reminding your kids that it’s still Easter? The Easter Octave lasts eight days (culminating this Sunday), and the Easter season lasts fifty days (culminating on Pentecost). Check out all the ways to celebrate.

  • All throughout the Easter season, the sprinkling of the assembly with holy water replaces the penitential rite—a reminder of our own death and rebirth with Christ in the waters of baptism. Imitate this rite at home with your kids: Get some holy water from your parish and keep it in a homemade holy water font on your prayer table. Then, bless your kids with the holy water before saying your meal prayer, or before your family prayer time.



Bishop Frank Dewane, of Venice, Florida, Chairman of the USCCB Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development and Bishop Joe Vasquez, of Austin, Chairman of the Committee on Migration, issued the following statement in advance of the oral argument of Department of Commerce v. New York, before the United States Supreme Court regarding the importance of ensuring an accurate count for the U.S. Census.

“Our country conducts a Census every ten years to count the number of men, women and children residing in the United States. Census data helps direct more than $800 billion annually to key programs designed to advance the common good, strengthen families and reduce poverty. The Catholic Church and other service providers rely on the national Census to provide an accurate count in order to effectively serve those in need,” said Bishop Dewane.

“We urge for all people to be counted in the Census, regardless of their citizenship. Proposed questions regarding immigration status will obstruct accurate Census estimates and ultimately harm immigrant families and the communities they live in. Our society, rooted in the strength of the family, cannot risk missing this opportunity to give children and parents the tools they need to succeed,” said Bishop Vasquez.


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