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Put Down Your Stones • Family Time!

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April 7-13: Fifth Week of Lent

St. Julia Billiart + Blessed Katarzyna Faron + Blessed Anthony Neyrot + St. Guthlac + St. Teresa of Los Andes + St. Martin I


1. Plan a kid-focused Lenten retreat with friends and family. When a member of our PB & Grace Parents’ page on Facebook reached out to members looking for more ideas to help her plan a Lenten retreat for kids, we knew she had a good idea to share with all of us. Thankfully, guest blogger Karrie Marascia wrote up this piece for us, an easy guide to help you plan your very own home- or parish-based Lenten retreat for kids.

2. Gear up for Catholic summer camp. Looking for a great Catholic summer camp experience for your kids? Here’s a list to get you started, courtesy of our readers. (This list appeared here last year, and has been updated for 2019.)

3. Tell your kids about the pope’s letter to them. Do your kids know that the pope wrote a letter to them (and all the world’s young people)? In the post-synodal Apostolic Exhortation, “Christus vivit the Pope explains that he allowed himself to be “inspired by the wealth of reflections and conversations of the Synod” on Young People, celebrated in the Vatican in October 2018. It’s a long document, so catch the synthesis by Andrea Tomielli at Vatican News, which also has other resources related to the document.

4. Put down those stones. That’s what Jesus slyly urges us to do in this Sunday’s Gospel, imitating his compassion for the woman caught in adultery. Preview the Scriptures with reflections and questions from Jennifer Schlameuss-Perry’s Breaking Open the Word at Home.

5. Meet St. John Baptism de la Salle. At about the age of 30, De la Salle took on the mission that would become his life’s work: creating free schools for poor boys so they could break free of poverty. Read about his life, mission and adventures (and get a coloring sheet) in this week’s Meet the Saints.

6. Cultivate compassion. Compassion is an essential Christian virtue and one of the keys to a happy life. Here are five easy ways to teach your kids compassion.

7. Prepare your children for a life of service to the Church. Getting kids ready to serve the Church is simple and fun! Here are 10 simple, fun and practical activities inspired from Montessori education traditions, by homeschooling expert Heidi Indahl.

8. Celebrate the feast of St. Julia Billiart with a story and a quick Q & A. Known to be a super smart little one, this saint’s feast day is April 8. Here is her story and a short and simple catechism lesson to set your kids up for a foundation of faith.

9. Scrutinize the Scrutinies. If your parish has adults preparing to be received into the Church at Easter, your kids may hear the Scrutinies this weekend. The Scrutinies are a ritual in which the catechumenate commit to “serious examination of their lives and true repentance” (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults #142). Ask your kids what that commitment would mean in their lives. See “The Scrutinies” at creighton.edu for more information.

10. Get ready for Holy Week and Easter. With Holy Week and Easter right around the corner, here are a few resources to get you ready. We will have plenty more next week!

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