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Let Your Kids Wear Their Prayer



Help your kids “put on Christ” every morning by giving them the option to “wear their prayer.” Here are some cool options.


Priests, monks, and nuns all wear special clothes as an outward sign of their faith—not only as a witness to others, but as a reminder to themselves that they belong to God, and an encouragement to live out that reality in their everyday lives.

Kids, especially tweens and teens, are often just as interested in how what they wear expresses their identity. So why not offer them the option to “wear their prayer”? Some kids may be too shy or embarrassed to make a public expression of their faith, but that doesn’t mean they can’t wear a private reminder of their faith. That way, every morning they will have the experience of symbolically “putting on Christ.”

Besides the obvious religious-themed jewelry (cross necklaces, bracelets, etc.) and t-shirts, there are a number of other options for kids to “wear” their prayer, some of them uniquely Catholic:

Prayer wristband. You can purchase silicone wristbands with short prayers or statements of faith on them, or make your own custom wristbands online. Some sources:

  • BereanBaskets offers a wide assortment of silicone wristbands featuring Scripture verses and sayings (“JOY: Jesus, Others, Yourself”).
  • If you don’t like what’s on offer elsewhere, Rapid Wristbands will make your custom wristband for $15, or you can get 5 for $25.



Rosary ring or bracelet. As the name implies, these rings and bracelets include beads to help the wearer pray the rosary anywhere. (A traditional set of rosary beads should not be worn as a necklace.)



Chastity ring. A chastity ring—also known as a purity ring or promise ring—is worn on the left hand’s ring finger to symbolize the wearer’s commitment to remain chaste until marriage.

  • LifeTeen has a very good article on this practice: Why Do Catholics Wear Chastity Rings. Make sure kids read it so they understand that chastity is a much deeper concept than just abstaining from sexual intimacy.



Medals. Catholics have traditionally worn various medals as an outward sign of their inner devotion to Jesus. The most famous of these is the Miraculous Medal that the Virgin Mary gave to St. Catherine Laboure during a vision; others include the St. Michael and St. Christopher medals.



Scapular. A devotional scapular is a type of sacramental that usually consists of two small, rectangular pieces of cloth connected by longer strips of cloth. Often, the rectangular pieces of cloth contain devotional text or images. The scapular is worn over the shoulders, usually underneath clothing, with one piece of cloth against the wearer’s chest and one on the wearer’s back. Tradition holds that the Virgin Mary gave the devotional scapular to St. Simon Stock in the thirteenth century. The scapular is not only an outward sign of the wearer’s devotion to Jesus and Mary, but as a sacramental, helps the wearer be more open to God’s grace.


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    Do you have a link to those T-shirts That say “may the Lord be with you?”

    Thank you, Elizabeth

    • Jerry Windley-Daoust
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      Search for the term on Amazon and the t-shirts will come up.

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