Refresh Your Bedtime Prayer Routine with a Prayer Playlist

Instead of drudging through the daily ritual of reciting routine evening prayers, sing, work and pray together to a prerecorded prayer playlist. Editor’s Note: This piece originally appearing in Work & Play, Day By Day, a blog by Heidi Indahl. … Read More

Make Bedtime Sacred Story Time with Your Kids

Do you read religious bedtime stories to your kids? You can make those stories do double duty by weaving in practices from lectio divina, the ancient way of praying with sacred texts. This article is adapted from the book 77 … Read More

14 Ways to Do Bedtime Prayer with Your Kids

    They’ve bathed, brushed their teeth, had a drink of water, and been read a story or two (or three). But wait! Don’t forget bedtime prayers! Here are fourteen bedtime prayer ideas for kids of all ages. (This article is … Read More

Six Evening Prayer Options for Catholic Families • Prayers for Catholic Kids

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    There are many, many ways for your kids to make an evening offering at the end of the day. Here are six options for different ages and prayer styles.   Children’s Bedside Prayer Bless me, Lord, as this … Read More

How to Make Your Own Prayer Pillowcases

You can help kids learn simple morning or evening prayers by writing the prayers on their pillowcases using permanent marker or fabric marker. Put a morning prayer on one side and an evening prayer on the other; let the kids … Read More