What Kids Can Learn from Dorothy Day • Saints for Kids

Dorothy Day is one of four Americans that Pope Francis held up as worthy of imitation. Her story can inspire your kids, too. Here’s a short sketch of her life, five lessons to pass along to kids, a free coloring … Read More

Meet St. Nicholas! • Saints for Kids

  Meet Saint Nicholas! The real-life saint who would later become the basis for our modern-day “Santa Claus” was gentle with children, but tough when it came to defending truth and justice.   This article is taken from the MISSION:CHRISTIAN Advent+Christmastide … Read More

Meet St. Thérèse of Lisieux! • Saints for Kids

  Meet Saint Thérèse of Lisieux! She’s one of the Church’s most honored saints—but that doesn’t mean loving Jesus was always easy for her. Here’s the story of how she decided to turn her sacrifices into “flowers” for Jesus. Plus: … Read More

Meet St. Francis of Assisi! • Saints for Kids

Meet Saint Francis of Assisi! The story of Francis and the leper shows that loving God isn’t always easy at first (even for one of the world’s most beloved saints) . . . but with God’s help, what seems bitter is sweetened … Read More

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