Rhubarb and Scones for the feast of St. John Fisher • Cooking with Catholic Kids

For the feast of St. John Fisher, make rhubarb and scones with your kids, and share his exciting story of political controversies and unending defense of the faith.   by Theresa Wilson   St. John Fisher’s story has all the … Read More

Preachin’ to the Fish Soup For St. Anthony • Cooking with Catholic Kids

  On this feast of St. Anthony, cook up a fish and shrimp soup, find true relationships and set up authentic faith practices for your family.   by Ryan Langr   June 13 is the feast of St. Anthony, probably one … Read More

John the Baptist Honey Cake • Cooking with Catholic Kids

  This moist, delicious honey cake is the perfect recipe to celebrate the nativity of John the Baptist, who ate wild honey (and locusts) in the wilderness.   by Ryan Langr   June 24th is the Nativity of John the … Read More

Saint Anthony of Padua • Playing with the SAINTS!

  “Mom! Where’s my _______?” Sound familiar? Instead of calling on Mom, try Saint Anthony!   by Christine Henderson “Doggone it! Where is it? I know I put it somewhere!”  Sound familiar? When something is lost, St. Anthony is a … Read More