Praying With Your Infant

    Think your infant is too young to pray?  Below I outline three simple things that can help lay the foundation for prayer as an infant.   by Ryan Langr   This Lent one of our family goals was … Read More

How Mary Healed My Heart on the Feast of the Assumption

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  I vividly remember not wanting to even go to Mass that Assumption morning. The anxiety and stress were eating me alive…yet that day something changed in my heart.   by Heidi Indahl   Since my stillbirth ten years ago, … Read More

Regina’s Birth Story: “After the C-Sections, I See the Hand of God in All Things”

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  I’ve had six c-sections. During my fifth, I was feeling tremendous pressure to have my tubes tied: I was tired. I was sick. I was so ready to be done. Thankfully, my anesthetist cracked just the right joke before I could go … Read More

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