Teach Your Kids to Pray for the Sick

What are your family’s rituals when someone gets sick? Healing was a centerpiece of Jesus’ ministry, and he instructed his disciples to heal, too. Make praying for healing part of your family’s routine when someone gets sick. Here’s how, and … Read More

Pray the Intercessions at Home with Your Kids

Ignite your children’s love of special intentions and try praying the general intercessions as a family. Here’s why you should pray the universal prayer at home, and examples of what to do. by Regina Lordan When I was a little … Read More

Pray for the Dead with Your Kids

  We Catholics believe that the communion established between us in God’s love is not broken by death. One of the best ways to teach your kids about this reality is to pray for the dead; here’s how.   This article … Read More

The Bubble Prayer: A Way for Kids to Send Prayers to God

Here’s a super-simple way for kids ages 3-7 to send their prayers to God. Here is a prayer that young children like; we call it “Bubble Prayer” because of the last step. Here’s what to do: Ask your child to name … Read More

Are Your Kids Getting a Balanced Prayer Diet?

Help your kids develop a rich and varied prayer life by introducing them to the five basic forms of prayer. This article is adapted from 77 Ways to Pray with Your Kids. Nutritionists say a balanced diet is essential to kids’ health … Read More