Celebrate Your Kids’ Baptism Anniversaries

  Why not celebrate the anniversary of your kids’ baptisms just like you celebrate their birthdays? After all, baptism is a “spiritual birthday.” Here are more than 9 ideas for what to do, plus a baptism backgrounder.   by Jerry … Read More

3 Ways to Do Hands-On Family Faith Formation with Young Children

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by Heidi Indahl Can you do faith formation lessons with wiggly, active children at home? Definitely, if you use a hands-on approach. Here are three examples we’ve adapted from the Godly Play religious education program. Doing formal, intentional catechesis (religious … Read More

Examinations of Conscience for Kids

  Before you celebrate the sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation with your kids, help them to prepare by coaching them through an examination of conscience. Here are some tips, resources, and several examinations of conscience to choose from.   Before … Read More

Three Ways to Live out the Beauty of Your Child’s First Holy Communion

Now that your child’s first holy Communion day has come and gone, what should you do next? A veteran catechist offers three practical and doable suggestions for parents.   by Cindy Coleman   First holy Communion day was beautiful and … Read More

Five Ways for Parents to Prepare Children for First Holy Communion

How can parents best help kids prepare for their First Holy Communion? A veteran catechist offers five key strategies. by Cindy Coleman The focus of many of my hours every week from September to May is being a catechist in … Read More

An Examination of Conscience for the Whole Family

  This examination of conscience is taken from The Catholic Family Book of Prayers.   This brief examination of conscience, loosely based on the Ten Commandments, may be used in preparation for receiving the sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation, or … Read More

Four Ways Parents Can Help Kids Prepare for Confirmation

  Preparing for Confirmation can be stressful for youth and parent alike. Here are four ways you can help your son or daughter through the process.   by Ryan Langr   Time to Start Thinking about Confirmation! It’s the season … Read More

Preparing for First Reconciliation When Your Child Has Special Needs

  The Church says that “Catholics with disabilities have a right to participate in the sacraments.” But when your child is intellectually disabled, how do you make that happen?   by Susan Windley-Daoust   When my husband and I first met … Read More

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