Easter Vigil

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This Saturday night Mass concludes the Triduum and begins Easter with a bang. It’s the night that we move from the darkness of the tomb to the bright light of the Resurrection. It’s also the night that adults enter the … Read More

Good Friday

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Good Friday is all about the Passion. On Palm Sunday we read the Passion according to Matthew; on Good Friday, we hear the Passion according to John. Just like on Palm Sunday, we have a part to play: We are … Read More

Holy Thursday

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Holy Thursday begins the Triduum, a single liturgy that lasts three days! Tonight, we celebrate the institution of the Eucharist, but instead of hearing about Jesus blessing the bread and wine, we hear about him washing the feet of his … Read More

Make a Good Friday Timeline with Your Kids

  A picture timeline that I updated throughout the day was just the thing to help my kids appreciate Jesus’ Passion on Good Friday and beyond.   by Becky Arganbright   For years, I tried various ways to incorporate more … Read More

25 Things for Your Kids to Spot During Palm Sunday and Triduum

Preview the special liturgies of Palm Sunday and the Triduum with your kids so they can participate with understanding and reverence. Here’s a handy checklist, plus a printable version your kids can take with them. Technically, Triduum spans three days—from … Read More

Take Your Kids to the Easter Vigil

  Yes, you can take your kids to the Easter Vigil, the high point of the Church’s liturgical year. Here’s how, plus eight cool things for your kids to spot.   Strategies for Making the Vigil Work with Kids Seven Things … Read More

Celebrate Holy Thursday with Your Kids

  Holy Thursday marks the beginning of Triduum. Here’s how to mark the day at home—and what kids can watch for at Mass.   Make unleavened bread and grape juice for Holy Thursday Bake a loaf of unleavened bread with your kids for … Read More